Embracing the Lazy Days

I’m all for a good adventure. I’m all for exploring. But sometimes I’m all for a good, guilt-free snuggle on the couch. Sometimes I just don’t feel like being too cold, or too hot. Sometimes I don’t have the energy to keep up with two kids. Some days I just want to take it easy. And you know what? That’s ok.


Adventures come with a certain level of stress. That’s inevitable. As much joy as we get from our adventures, every once in a while we get some joy out of sitting around, maybe watching tv or reading books or some other quiet activity. Sometimes I feel guilty about it. After all, when the kids grow up and look back on their childhood they’re not going to remember how great it was to watch tv all day. They’re going to remember the days when we found something new, when we laughed together, when we let the wind blow through our hair and ran around like crazy people. But doing that kind of stuff is exhausting. At least for me…currently Little Guy is sitting next to me screaming “LET’S GO SOMEWHERE”. Dude, we are going somewhere. Right here. On the couch.

When I’m tuckered out but the kids aren’t (are the kids ever tuckered out?) there comes a certain level of mom guilt that I start to experience.  Am I doing enough to give my kids opportunities to experience new things? Are we watching too much tv? Are their brains turning to mush from inactivity? It’s at that point I have to step back. As a mom, I do the best I can for my kids, and sometimes I deserve a break. There is nothing wrong with the occasional lazy day, or let’s be real, the occasional lazy week.  Life is all about balance. We can’t as human beings always be doing something. Even though my family likes to be active, there is value in doing nothing. It’s not going to ruin the kids. It’s not going to ruin me. It’s going to balance out our lives and make our adventurous days even more enjoyable.

One of my favorite lazy day activities is looking for our next adventure to go on. It’s the best because it’s almost like discovering a new place, but I get to do it on my couch. Without moving. And every once in a while I’m a fan of not moving. There’s something exhilarating at looking at pictures of other peoples adventures and using them for inspiration for your next adventure. I’m a planner, so especially bigger trips (like France!) take lots of forethought and planning.  I can add to our itinerary. Or I can look at a local map and find kid friendly places to hike, or lesser known places that I can add to my list to check out. Did you know that if you open google maps, it shows all the public “green” spaces like parks and zoos? It also shows areas of interest like shops, museums, and places to eat. It’s like going on an adventure without even leaving the house. And it’s a great tool for planning. Also look at trip advisor for things to do in your city. There might even be something you haven’t heard of yet! You never know.

So tell me about your favorite lazy day activities. Do you like to veg and watch tv? Or would you rather sip tea and read magazines? Or hire a babysitter and go have a spa day?!? Everyone deserves that type of lazy day! So go home, sit on the couch and tomorrow enjoy your everyday adventures.