Exploring Powhatan State Park

What a beautiful day to visit a park!  Powhatan State Park has a plethora of trails to explore on horse, or bike or foot. It’s right on the river so there are several places to put a kayak in and it features a primitive campsite. The landscape varies as well. The trails follow the river, wander through the woods and meander through meadows. Of all the parks we have in our area, this one isn’t an absolute favorite, but we will be going back again to explore the trails more in depth.





We arrived at the park and paid the $4 entrance fee. The park is pretty small compared to some of the other state parks we’ve been to, but it was still pretty big to walk the whole thing with kids so we did a quick drive through first. There is a playground first thing on the right when you come into the park. A road directly across from the playground takes you through a meadow and down to the first kayak launch and riverside trails. Going back to the main road leads you past walking trails on the right and horse trails on the left. Past the trail heads are camping sites and past the camping sites is another place on the river to put in a kayak.



After driving the roads, we parked down by the riverside trails and started walking. The river views were slightly underwhelming due to the heavily wooded area. I can image in the summer the river would be nearly impossible to see. The whole area is up on a bluff so there’s no real access to get close to the water unless you’re putting a kayak in. We walked down the trails and found the primitive campsite. We haven’t gone camping with the kids yet, so once the weather warms up a bit we are going to have our first camping trip here! We didn’t make it very far down the trail because Little Lady did a lot of walking on her own. We found a cool fallen tree by the river so we spent most of our time there.


Playground Fun!


Little Big Guy really wanted to check out the play ground, so after a bit of exploration, we packed up and headed back to the playground. The playground wasn’t anything spectacular and we were the only people there but we had a blast. I would love to come back here to go kayaking or horseback riding. I also still want to check out some more of the trails since we didn’t hike very far on this trip. This wasn’t our most exciting adventure, but maybe when we go back we will discover a hidden spot that will make us fall in love with this park! Have you ever been to a place that just didn’t meet your expectations? How did you deal with it…make the most of the day or leave and find a better place to explore? I’d love to hear about your explorations, so get out there and go on some everyday adventures!