Traveling With A Stroller: Should You Take Your Stroller When You Travel?

Keeping kids contained at home is one thing. When you take them out in public it’s quite another. And then when you travel with them…sheesh it can be trying! There are ways to do it though, one of which is a stroller. I have a love-hate relationship with my stroller. It’s big and bulky, half the time the kids don’t even want to sit in it and it’s one more thing to lug around. But, when it works, it WORKS. Tired kids love strollers, and if you have one, you may be able to get just a few more miles out of those sleepy suckers. Strollers can also be a versatile tool for travel as well…We used it for more than just the kids in Paris!

Cons of a stroller

Let’s talk negatives first. Get them out of the way so later in this post we can end on a good note…because good notes are, well, good! Some of these points may vary depending on the type and brand of stroller that you have.


Using the stroller at the Paris Zoo

Dang, one more thing to lug around- So you have all your luggage, and your kids luggage, and your kids and your hands are just FULL. Why, oh why would you want to drag along a stroller too?!? Especially getting through the airport, or crowded museums, or uneven, busy streets a stroller just seems big and hard to manage. You have to take detours and do acrobatics to juggle all of your stuff. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad but it can sure feel that way when you’re tired and in an unfamiliar place.

Why is this thing so big??– Some strollers are just huge. Especially if you have a double stroller, or a triple stroller (do they even make those??), a stroller for multiple kids can be gigantic. We have a very streamlined double stroller that sits front to back and still it wouldn’t fit in the back of some taxis. Carry it through the subway was a hassle. Carry it period was a hassle. Fitting it into our hotel room was a hassle. The size made it a hassle. I don’t know if you catch my drift.

You can’t take that there- Getting through security can be tough with a stroller. Unload it, fold it up, let them check it out. We even went to some places that didn’t allow strollers so we had to leave it at security…something to be aware of. And you just can’t go some places on wheels. This world has come a long way to being more accessible, but there are still stairs. Everywhere. And it was hard to eat in a restaurant because there was no place to put the stroller.

Pros of a Stroller

Oh my goodness my back hurts- From carrying this kid… It sure was nifty to have to stroller to give my back a break from the baby carrier. After a stroll wearing the baby, I needed some sweet relief and I don’t know what I would have done if that stroller wasn’t there waiting to get me through some of those stretches. Even having someone else hold the baby for a while didn’t help for long. The stroller made it so much easier on my body.

Big kids get tired too- When you travel you can do SO MUCH walking. Adults get tired, so think of how tired a kid will get. They have little legs so they have to take twice any many steps. Poor guys. So it was nice to have our double stroller with us.  Little Lady rode in the front and Little Big Guy would hang out on the back. This stroller here was such a life saver. It cut down on tantrums and helped reserve energy for when we got to the places we actually were visiting instead of wasting it all on the walk there.

It’s for more than just kids- When we bought a souvenir, we stuck it in the stroller. When we didn’t want to hold our water, we stuck it in the stroller. When we had to lug around a diaper bag, we stuck it in the stroller. When the kids were walking and we had all the luggage, we stuck it in the stroller. Our stroller was more than just transportation for the kids, it gave us a place to put groceries, and bags, and treats for later. It was so much easier to push around all the things we had to manage than to carry them.

                                                                  Yeah, I’m happy to see the stroller too

Pram. Buggy. Stroller. Baby Carriage. Pushchair. Whatever you call it, it has it’s pros and cons. You have to weigh out what is best for your family. I do know that when we travel again we will be taking the stroller. It was so nice have a place for the kids to rest and a place to contain them when there were lots of people around or when we were in an area that we just wanted a little extra security in. What is your verdict? To stroller or not to stroller? Any favorite strollers that you’ve traveled with? Let me know about your stroller preferences on your everyday adventures!