Exploring the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: Trip Advisor Richmond Top Attractions

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! Sunny and 75, lots of fluffy clouds in the sky, a gentle breeze. So obviously we went inside to see some art. What? Yeah we shook it up from our usual outdoor excursions. But it was so worth it. We did walk around the outdoor sculpture gardens to soak in some of those amazing sunbeams though. Before we walked into the museum, I made sure to lay down some ground rules about running, indoor voices and not touching. I was a little nervous since Little Big Guy is such a busy kid, so I wanted him to be prepared.

So close to touching, but not quite!


Arriving at the VMFA

Since it was such a beautiful day, we parked a few blocks down the street and walked to the museum. You can park at the museum for $5 but we opted for the street parking instead. I couldn’t resist the beautiful walking weather so I had to take advantage of it! Once we got to the museum entrance we saw the beautiful sculptures in the garden, but someone needed a potty break so we rushed inside. Oh the joys of having little ones in tow! Luckily the bathrooms were just inside the door, across from the gift shop. There were also some really cool self-guided tours available for the kids with some maps of the museum. We grabbed a map because if you haven’t figured it out by now we love a good map!


Glass Art


Inside the VMFA

We walked around the corner and Little Big Guy was immediately enthralled by a giant circular structure. I was a little worried about how this trip would go for him since it’s not the normal hands on type of trip we do. But as soon as his face lit up when he saw the first sculpture I knew it was going to be a good trip. The elevator in the front was made of glass so we could see out as we were going up! It was very cool for Little Big Guy but it freaked Little Lady out just a bit. We found some really cool pieces made out of car scraps, and also some made out of tools. This made Little Big Guy so happy and excited because those are some of his favorite things. We found an exhibit featuring all sorts of animal sculptures which Little Lady and Little Big Guy both equally enjoyed. Little Lady was pointing to everything and making all the sounds.



Is it a tool or art?? Either way he’s transfixed.


Strolling around the sculpture gardens

Little Lady’s attention span actually went first, so I gave her some toys to play with so Little Big Guy could still look around some more. We found a room with some lamps, which he loved. Then we went down the back elevator which was HUGE and headed out to the sculpture gardens. There was a pretty little reflection pool with a few sculptures in it. There were about five additional sculptures throughout the small path and a big hill that some people were picnicking/sunbathing on. At the top of the hill was a pretty, but very small garden. There was also a little Asian inspired house structure for the kids to play in which was pretty cool for Little Big Guy. Instead of playing in it, he built a fence out of sticks around it. Guess his hands needed to do something after all of the not touching.


What a beautiful day to explore the sculpture                                         gardens!

All in all, it was a great trip. General admission is free and there are so many good pieces to see. There are a lot of interesting ones for little eyes too. There are two cafés: one outside by the reflection pond and one on the top level of the museum inside. We had eaten lunch before we came but we will have to try them out next time. Little Big Guy is now currently making all sorts of mixed media creations to hang on the walls to turn our house into an art museum.


Have you ever taken your hands-on kid into a hands-off museum? I’d love to hear about your experiences! Also, I want to know your favorite museum! Maybe we’ll head there next! So get out there, enjoy some art and try out a new everyday adventure.