Post Vacation Blues

Traveling is many things. It’s fun. It’s exhausting. It’s exhilarating. It’s consuming. It’s so nice to be somewhere else, immersing yourself into a new neighborhood, a new culture, new everything. While it is nice to be back at home in my own bed, I can’t help but yearn for the freedom that travel gives me. There’s an emptiness that I’m feeling that I am ready to fill again. There’s something addictive about escaping life for a little bit and then something heavy for me to return to it.

I feel so light and free when I can forget everyday worries for a while. I’m a stressed-out person. If I don’t have something to stress about I usually find something to consume my mind and time. My favorite thing about our trip to Paris was we were in no hurry (once we figured out we could just catch the next train and didn’t have to jump on the first one that was there that is). Our family got to spend time together, which was absolutely amazing. We solved problems together, we ate new foods together, we got lost together and then we got unlost together. Now Hubby is back at work and my to-do list is adding up again. I miss the reckless abandon that I feel I can have on vacation.

Plant and sunlight- Post Vacation Blues

Post Vacation Blues

Now that we’re home, I can only think of a million things that I’d love/need to do. It’s hard to organize my thoughts into cohesive plans when I have so many upcoming things to do. Take me back to Paris! For now though, I’m going to get a cup of tea, I’m going to look through my pictures one more time. I’m going to write another blog post that I probably won’t even publish and I’m going to get lost in memories of our trip. And then I’m going to get a pen and paper and make my to-do list and get back to life as usual!

Do you get post-vacation blues? What do you do to get over them? Beat those blues and get out on your next everyday adventure!