What is an Everyday Adventure?


[adjective ev-ree-dey]


1.of or relating to every day; daily:

an everyday occurrence.

2.of or for ordinary days, as contrasted with Sundays, holidays, or special occasions:

everyday clothes.

3. such as is met with every day; ordinary; commonplace:

a placid, everyday scene.


So maybe you’re wondering “What is an everyday adventure”? Maybe you’re wondering if I’m crazy and actually go on adventures every.single.day. Maybe you’re wondering what actually counts as an adventure. Well then keep reading because you’re in the right place.

I want to start off by saying that I do not mean everyday in the sense of going somewhere EVERY day. Unless of course if you count going into public with kids. Then yes we go on adventures almost every day. Because let’s be real, it’s always an interesting experience taking children in public. Some people may be able to go hiking and exploring and to exciting places every day, but not us. We get out at least a few times a week though, sometimes less, sometimes more.


So then, you’re wondering, what IS an everyday adventure? Well if you notice my handy definition above from dictionary.com you will see that everyday has a few more definitions. Mostly our everyday adventures are “for ordinary days”. We wake up, we eat breakfast, we get dressed, we go on an adventure, then I go to work if it’s a weekend. I don’t get a babysitter, because it’s not a special occasion. We do things before and after work. We just go out and adventure on normal everyday days. If you feel like you work too much you can go on a mini adventure! Find a way to save an hour one night out of your week. Use that time to go somewhere in your city that you haven’t been before. Or just go find a corner of your yard to discover. Heck, if you don’t want to go outside transform part of a room into a pillow fort and read a book. It’s the “lazy” way to adventure!

Some people may think that some of our adventures are ordinary and commonplace. While that may be the case, I’d like to think that we’re taking mundane things and making them amazing. Taking the time to look at something that’s already been seen a million times can seem boring at first, but really taking in every detail, really enjoying the moment can make something ordinary and commonplace and turn it into an adventure. An adventure doesn’t have to take place somewhere exotic. An adventure is just a connection between two people or a person and place. An adventure is just a story to tell. An adventure is just a picture for the scrapbook. We decide where are adventures are. There is no excuse not to have them. Just get out there people! You’ll thank me for it!


I have a few main goals for this blog. First and foremost, I want to share our adventures. I want to have something I look back on and see the progression of our explorations. Secondly, I want to practice my photography. Taking photos for a blog is a perfect way to do that. Plus then people actually get to see them instead of them sitting and taking up space on my hard drive. Third, and most importantly, I want to inspire YOU to get out on adventures too. Maybe you have kids, maybe you work a lot or maybe you’re just too freaking tired. No matter what your excuse, I want you to know that I have those excuses too sometimes. You are not alone and I hope you see this everyday, ordinary lady going on these everyday sometimes extraordinary adventures and realize you can do it to. So come on, come with me on some everyday adventures.