3 Things You Need to go on Adventures with Kids

Are you sitting on your couch right now reading this while the kids are screaming in the background? Do you ever wish you could get out and do something but the thought of packing up the kids is too much? I’ve been there. And some days I’m still there.  But this is me, saying to you…get up and do it! You don’t need much, just a few essentials.


1) A place to go

It could be the backyard. It could be the park. It could be the neighboring state. Or it could be another country. It doesn’t matter where you go; you just need to decide to do it! Every adventure starts with just deciding where to go, even if it is just opening the front door and walking outside. Or not deciding where to go and just going. This whole adventuring thing is flexible. Or highly planned. Whatever makes you and the kids happy, because when you get back home that happiness is what the whole adventure is all about.  Personally, I like to do a bit of research and maybe check out some maps and pictures. Then I just go and enjoy the place we picked. Or you could just drive somewhere and check it out. Whether you’re a planner or a go-with-the-flower, everyday adventures can absolutely work for you and your kids.



2) Water

I don’t like to pack a lot because I feel weighed down and I go on adventures to feel free. But one essential that I always take with me is water. Water for me, water for the kids, water for everyone. We get thirsty, then we get whiny and when we get whiny that’s when the fun is over. Snacks are a good option too. We like to find a place to picnic before we head back to the car. If we’re hiking, we always have trail mix at the top. If we’re at a park, we’ll post up at a picnic table. If we’re in the front yard we’ll just lay out a blanket.  It’s the little things that will keep you happy and not hangry.


3) A kid

So to adventure with kids you need, well, a kid! Or two, or three or however many you can wrangle up. The best place to adventure is somewhere that everyone can explore freely. Start at a place everyone can explore and you and your kids will learn each other’s boundaries. Once those are established you will be able to go on a road trip, climb a mountain, take over the world!  Adventuring with kids may seem stressful at first, but after you get the hang of it everyone can relax and enjoy the day. There are so many kid friendly places that you can explore. If you have trouble finding one in your area, let me know. I’m here for you. I will find you a place. It’s what I do!  It can be inside, outside or somewhere in-between. Just take your kid and get there!

4) Optional: a camera

So, you don’t need a camera but you may want one. There is nothing better than seeing a child yell in excitement when they  flip a rock and find a super cool bug. There’s nothing better than capturing the freedom on the face of a toddler that gets to run in a field that seems as big as the world.  And while I don’t have older kids, I’m sure there’s nothing better than seeing their eyes open in amazement as they see a rock formation they’ve never seen before, a view they’ve never imagined, or a tidbit of information that they’re just learning for the first time. I don’t know about you, but I love to capture those moments. Whether I use my phone or my camera, it’s nice to be able to look back on them.  You’re living those moments though, so no camera necessary.

As you can see, you don’t need much to get out there and explore. There are a million things you could take with you. But they just weigh you down and give you one more thing you have to get before you leave the house. And getting everyone dressed is hard enough if I do say so myself. Pick a place, pack some water, don’t forget your kids and enjoy your everyday adventures!